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Welcome to Your Local "Taverna"

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Throughout Greece you will find the traditional “taverna” or family-run eating establishment located in the main square or by the harbor. The taverna is at the center of every town’s social life.

In the afternoon, men drink strong cups of Greek coffee or a little ouzo, enjoy a few “mezedes” (appetizers), and watch the world pass by. They play backgammon, finger their worry beads, talk and philosophize about life, money and politics.

In the evenings their family and friends join them to enjoy a late evening meal and a bottle of local wine. Their meal starts with a variety of mezedes served “family-style”, followed by a traditional casserole, roast lamb or fish, and ends with a tasty, honey-drenched dessert and coffee.


To celebrate a birth, a baptism, or a wedding, the Greeks will gather at the taverna to eat and dance, expressing their joy through music. The Greek’s have not lost their enjoyment of life’s simpler pleasures – the pleasures found at a Greek taverna.

We welcome you to our Taverna. Sip a glass of wine, enjoy a traditional meal and savor life’s simple pleasures at Yanni’s.

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